Monday, 21 January 2013

Berjaya Hills

This is an outdated post but I'm sharing cos it's an interesting place to visit!

Bf and I went to Berjaya Hills Resort last August for a mini vacation.
It is located in Bukit Tinggi, Malaysia, near Genting Highlands.

We took a coach up and it took us around 7 hours to arrive at our destination.

We stayed at Colmar Tropicale, a beautiful French theme resort.

This resort is perfect for photo-taking!

Checked in to Camellia :)

Room tour^^

After settling down, we took the shutter bus to visit their Rabbit Park. 
It's my favourite part of the vacation!

Feeding the animals <3

The rabbits are soo adorable!!

Many of them are crowding around this lady cos she has lots of food! 

The bunny looks stunned here lol

After we're done at the park, it's time to head back cos the shutter bus services end early.
We didn't have enough time to visit another attraction. :(

This is where we had our spa at night.
Love their service!

Wishing well

 Make a wish~

View from the tower :)
Love the fresh and cooling air of the resort!

Our BBQ buffet dinner^^

And this is how the resort looks like at night!


After our pampering session at the spa, we had some drinks at the bar before heading back to our hotel.

Day 2

We managed to take a quick visit to Japanese Village before checking out of our hotel.

After taking a short walk, we took the shutter bus back to our hotel and we're ready to head home.
The trip was kinda rush for us and I would highly recommend staying for 2 nights instead. 
We didn't manage to visit the horse trail this time as the shutter bus timing is quite limited. :(

Despite a short and rush trip, I had a great time at the resort with my bf. <3

Goodbye Berjaya Hills!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Goodbye 2012

20 Dec 2012

Went town with pretty Mag & Kaylene <3

21 Dec 2012

Met up with Meiting & Michelle <3


Love the Xmas decorations!

22 Dec 2012

Had a nice meal with bf at White Dog Cafe before we check-in to Bay Hotel for our staycation!

Dinner at Klapson's The Sleeping Rhino.

24 Dec 2012

Christmas eve!

Had a nice ramen dinner at the famous Tonkotsu King before heading to his friend's place.

25 Dec 2012

Shopping day with the bf.


28 Dec 2012

Had steamboat buffet with Michelle & Tiki at Crystal Jade <3


29 Dec 2012


30 Dec 2012

Camwhoring with Michelle at Ion <3

31 Dec 2012

 Met up with Mich for dinner before heading to Esplanade for NYE countdown!

Itacho sushi is her favourite sushi joint. 
She can have the same dishes everyday! -.-

Took many photos with our TR150 :)

Countdown was at Esplanade's Sauce. 
We had a great view of the fireworks!

 We had a blast!